Creating Your Podcast That Converts

From Concept to Launch in 6-Weeks or Less

🎯 So you want to start a podcast but you DON'T want to spend a lot of time, money, or energy on it... right?

🎯 And you want it to generate leads and revenue opportunities for you from the start, instead of having to work hard building an audience before monetizing... yes?  

🎯 And you're already an established expert with a successful sales process or funnel offering products or services that improve people's lives... correct?

Cool! In case we haven't met yet, I'm Nicole Holland. Highly rated podcaster and recognized expert in the podcasting industry.

Since 2016 I've been working privately with clients behind the scenes to develop, improve, and launch their strategically designed podcasts for lead generation and now I'd like to offer this high level support to more mission-driven entrepreneurs and experts in a more leveraged and affordable way.

To do this I'm looking for 20 established experts and entrepreneurs to help have a lead generating asset that working for their business while they're focused on other things.

Each of these 20 "beta clients" will get my direct attention to build out their podcast's strategy , launch, and execution in 6-weeks or less.

We'll cover all of the aspects you need to focus on and know about for the success of your podcast, without any fluff or ambiguity.

All of your questions will be answered and the entire process will be far easier and more fun than you can possibly imagine! 

While you'll get 6-weeks of training, coaching, and support, most clients will be ready to make their show live in under 4-weeks!

Everyone's path is unique and while speed is important, proper structure is paramount.

That's why together we will...

✅ Blueprint your podcast based on the outcomes you want such as leads, sales, and opportunities so that your podcast is designed for success from the start...

✅ Get you comfortable with all the tech details you'll need to successfully get your show up and keep it running, as well as how to effortlessly outsource your production if you just want to show up as the talent...

✅ Help you be an extraordinary host who not only gets the yes from any guest you want, but also WOWs your guests every time -- even if you've never interviewed anyone before...

✅ Establish your authority, credibility, and implement your audience growth and monetization plans.

Most business owners that launch podcasts struggle or fail to get the results they want because they follow the advice and lessons from podcasting teachers who are focused on a wide audience of people that want to become podcasters. 

Those "gurus" can teach you how to get your podcast up,  generically and technically, and offer all sorts of options for you to choose from.

While that may be fine for the average newbie podcaster who has an idea they want to share with the world, for established business owners and entrepreneurs who care about scaling and ROI, the common path is an uphill, expensive climb.

My philosophy and approach to leveraging podcasts for targeted business growth is completely different.

Everything I teach is specifically designed to help you (specifically you) maximize conversion and optimize your results in the fastest amount of time, with the least amount of effort and expense.

If this sounds like what you want, an asset guaranteed to generate an ever-flowing stream of organic, quality leads for you, and you're ready to do it now, I'd love to help you get it done.

Since my goal is to test (and prove) every aspect of this program across a wide array of niches and needs to make it as outstanding of a program as possible, I'm offering an insane discount and an insane amount of support to my 20 beta clients.

In return beta clients are expected to be all in and committed to their own success, coachable, willing and able to do the work, and at the end happy to share their successes as case studies.

Click here to apply for one of the 20 beta spots now.

With conferences and in-person events shut down for who knows how long, the current financial hit on families and businesses worldwide, travel restrictions, and our personal health & well being, podcasts have quickly replaced them as the best way to network.

More now than ever podcasts provide leaders an incomparable platform to lead and grow their tribe, maintain and increase brand loyalty and visibility, establish new strategic partnerships, and generate highly targeted leads and sales.

Let's do this thing!

Got questions? Check out the FAQs below!

Unmatched Deep Podcast Strategy

Ryan Lee, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Rewind Bars

If you want to get in the podcasting game, either with your own show or getting booked on other people's shows, Nicole will show you the way. Her knowledge of deep podcast strategy is unmatched and she's my go-to for all things podcasting!

This Has Been A Dream Come True!

Alissa Daire Nelson, Certified Strengths Coach, Author, & Podcaster

Nicole pushed me out of my comfort zone & now my perfect clients email me on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a sugar-coated-yes-man, Nicole’s not for you. But if you do what she tells you to do, you can sit back and have your ideal clients emailing you too.

Highly Recommend Her Expertise

Raj Jana, Founder of JavaPresse® & Stay Grounded®

Nicole's a diamond in the rough in understanding big picture strategy and connecting several dots across multiple verticals. She's made it easy, effortless, and fast for my company to experience big results and I appreciate her sincere way of doing so.

High Quality VIP Experience

Kamila Gornia, Founder & CEO of Heart Behind Hustle®

The client experience is unlike anyone I've ever worked with. Nicole is very high touch and supportive. She's provided a lot of value in how to really show up as an authority & I've grown my visibility in a big way since working with her.

It Was Everything I'd Hoped

Josh Cary, Founder at The Hidden Entrepreneur

Nicole helped me organize and evaluate my ideas, find clarity, gain renewed energy, and feel alive in a way I hadn't before. I loved working with her strategic, no-nonsense approach coupled with her gentle, loving, and kind way.


  • Is this a group or digital program?

    Neither. This is a highly custom 1:1 experience where you and I will work directly together to create your podcast.

  • What if I want to work with you but now isn't a good time for me?

    No problem! Reach out when the timing is right for you and we can explore working together then. Note that this beta opportunity is priced well below my normal strategy rate. It's a no-brainer investment but is only available to a limited number of clients who are ready to start working with me right away.

  • How much does it cost?

    My current 1:1 strategy rate is $5,000 for Podcasting Goldmine strategy development alone, without 6-weeks of ongoing implementation and execution support as this offer includes. I expect to sell the Podcasting Goldmine program for $5,000 after beta. During this beta phase I'm happy to offer it for just $2,000. If your services are at least that much, one qualified lead would more than cover your investment. #NoBrainer

  • How much time does this require?

    While every client's path is different, expect to spend about 10-hours working on strategy with me, and another 10-hours on content creation and execution. Production can be outsourced or done in-house and I'll provide plenty of resources and options for you.

  • I really want a lead-generating podcast but in my experience, podcasts take a lot of time to build and grow.

    That is very true for most podcasters but it certainly does not have to be that way. In Podcasting Goldmine™ the objective is to strategically design your podcast to deliver the results you want quickly, easily, and enjoyably.

  • If I've already started working on my podcast, can you help me finish it?

    If you aren't attached to what you've started and are willing to start over if need be, I'm happy to explore this with you and see if we can make it work. Ideally I take on clients who trust me to guide them from concept through completion.